Nick Bosa | The Best Dominating NFL with 15 Sacks in a Single Season

Nick Bosa

Santa Clara, CA – Since the 2019 NFL Draft, when the San Francisco 49ers selected Nick Bosa second overall, he has been a crucial player for the team. Now he’s even more essential after signing a five-year, $170 million contract with $122.5 million in guarantees, making him the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

Bosa’s return after a 43-day absence was vital for the 2023 49ers, who have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations with him. Without him, it’s much more difficult.

Since 2019, the Niners are 43-17 with Bosa on the field and 5-10 without him, including the playoffs. With Bosa, they have the highest pressure rate in the league (32%), dropping to 25% in his absence. Bosa’s contract now extends through 2028, making him a cornerstone in bridging the gap between current star players and young, emerging talents.

In just 51 regular season games, Bosa has 43 sacks, 156 tackles, 56 tackles for loss and 106 quarterback hits. He is only 25 years old and entering his prime, determined to get even better.

Bosa and linebacker Fred Warner, who will soon turn 27, are key young players with long-term contracts. Their success will determine the future of the Niners and serve as an example for emerging talents. Eventually, the team may need to allocate resources to young stars.

Bosa’s impact goes beyond the field; he sets the standard for his teammates. His contract sets a precedent by rewarding players who excel and play the right way, thereby securing the financial future of their families.

In summary, Nick Bosa’s contract consolidates his importance for the 49ers, who count on his performance and leadership to maintain their competitiveness. His example opens the way to young talents.

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