Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles injury | The Shocking Revelation Behind His #1 Nightmare

Aaron Rodgers:

The same Jets fans who welcomed Aaron Rodgers to New York with a roar as he ran onto the field Monday evening were silenced after a grand total of four snaps. While we’re waiting for official confirmation of the quarterback’s condition, the Jets fear Aaron Rodgers tore his left Achilles tendon in Monday night’s victory over the Buffalo Bills, an injury that would end his season. New York coach Robert Saleh’s thousand-yard stare at the prospect of Zach Wilson taking over again at quarterback said it all: Six months of joy and excitement dissipated in a matter of moments.
As Saleh suggested Monday night, while there’s still the formality of an MRI on Tuesday, players who are diagnosed with a torn Achilles on the field almost invariably have the injury confirmed the following day. Aaron Rodgers himself seemed to realize he had suffered the tear on the field, as he glumly shook his head toward the sideline and sat down before being helped to the locker room.

Does the Rodgers injury take the Jets out of the championship picture in 2023?

Realistically, yes. We saw a version of this team with Wilson and a great defense fail to come close to competing for a playoff berth last season, when they needed five victories over backup quarterbacks to make it to 7-10. Barring some stunning development from Wilson as the season goes along that we didn’t see during Monday night or the arrival of a totally unexpected solution, the Jets can’t expect to compete with the Bills, Bengals, Chiefs and other top teams in the AFC through a full season and into a postseason run.
Remember: All the concerns some of us had about this team with Aaron Rodgers still apply with Wilson. As good as the defense was last season, it was the healthiest unit in football, and that’s unlikely to recur. New York already has lost starting safety Chuck Clark for the campaign, and it didn’t have top edge rusher Carl Lawson for the Bills game.
The offensive line is a major question mark, as is O-coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. The Jets play a brutal schedule to start the season and face the league’s fourth-toughest slate in total, per ESPN’s Football Power Index. Those questions aren’t going away.

Which team’s playoff chances increase by the Jets getting weaker:

Nobody wants to see a player suffer a season-ending injury, but there are teams that are going to be in better shape now that the Jets don’t have the same caliber of quarterback on their roster. A cutthroat AFC that has 14 teams with playoff aspirations is going to feel greater about its collective chances of beating the Jets, even if New York’s defense plays at a high level.
The obvious candidate for the team best-positioned to get a boost from the Aaron Rodgers injury was the one facing the Jets on Monday night. The Bills saw the Chiefs lose Thursday and the Bengals get blown out by the Browns on Sunday. The Ravens won but lost a handful of starters in the process. The Chargers lost. When Aaron Rodgers went down for the season, it felt like the Bills were entering the driver’s seat in the AFC.
Instead, Buffalo turned the ball over four times in a sloppy performance and lost to the Wilson-led Jets for the second consecutive season. Now, the team that seems like it benefited the most from Week 1 is the Dolphins, who produced a brilliant offensive performance in their win over the Chargers and had virtually every other significant contender in the AFC lose. The Fins’ chances of making it to the postseason, given an early victory and no Aaron Rodgers in the AFC East, must have grown dramatically from where they stood before Week .

Jimmy Garoppolo wins over new Raiders teammates with late-game grit (Aaron Rodgers):

Wonder no more.
Because if his sprinting out of the blue medical tent and back onto the field in the first quarter after taking a nasty blow to the head to throw a touchdown pass wasn’t enough to rally his new guys, there was his gritting through his surgically repaired left foot getting rolled up on and not coming off the field.
Then there was the way he rebounded from a potentially crushing end-zone interception late in the third quarter to lead a go-ahead fourth-quarter drive, let alone his clutch 8-yard scramble on third-and-7 to clinch the 17-16 win over the Denver Broncos.
Yes, there were a lot of smiles and compliments in Las Vegas’ locker room after its white-knuckle victory, which came in the first Raiders season opener started by a quarterback not named Derek Carr since 2013.

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